The rapid development of technology produces choices for people. Choosing the right one brings new opportunities.

The vast majority of society is trying to keep up with the rapidly developing technology. People who have an innovative point of view are not satisfied with the technological developments, but are able to assess the opportunities brought by new technologies and make the right initiatives to guide the development of technology.

As the ticarigo family in us, " in the rapidly developing technology world risk is the biggest risk."Our 12-year experience in IT sector by adopting the idea

We crown it with our myswork project.
Our team, which serves thousands of companies in the IT sector for 12 years and has successfully signed many projects, is the world's digital advertisement platform after the necessary research and development activities in the beginning of 2017.

It laid the foundations of myswork.
In January 2018, TICARIGO established the company BILISIM TEKNOLOJI PAZARLAMA ve Ticaret limited şirketi and carries out its operations on a more corporate basis.
After intensive software testing and Security Studies

Myswork is now at your service.
What Is Myswork?
Mysworks combines and presents the results of more than 1600 Web sites from 63 countries.

My s work is a digital business ad platform that delivers your ads to millions of Internet users looking for jobs and workers for free, where you can communicate directly with people interacting with your ads and increase your trading volume.

To keep the visitor experience at the best level, to ensure that the AD reaches the correct target audience by sending the ads to the most Internet users of our individual and corporate members who have added ads.